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Sophistry romance visual novel Kickstarter date

sophistry live2d romance visual novel has a kickstarter date for linux gaming mac and windows pc

Sophistry live2D romance visual novel has a Kickstarter launch date for Linux gaming, with Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer 2 Cubs Studio, who are gearing up for the crowdfunding campaign soon.

Sophistry live2D romance visual novel is due to release on Kickstarter, April 1st, 2021. Which is actually the official campaign date. Allowing early adopters to support the developer at this early stage. Which also prepares you to support the game at a very discounted price. But more importantly, this allows 2 Cubs to produce an even better game.

Developer 2 Cubs Studio will talk more about details later. They want everyone to know that early backers will get special rewards. That is if the campaign sees full funding within the first 48 hours. Touting something REALLY BIG that will be added to the game. Although the launch date for the campaign is April fools, that’s interesting.

Sophistry live2D romance visual novel Trailer

Features to expect:

  • 6 Unique characters (3 males and 3 females), to choose from. Each Sophistry character has their own story line and point of view. So you can enjoy the game playing only one character. But you’ll only uncover all the mysteries of the stories by playing all six of them. Since everything is happening from the view point of the character you select.
  • The decisions you make matter and have outcomes. The character you choose to play as well as the one you choose to romance will affect your story line. Including the behavior of the other characters.
  • Each play through is approximately 10 hours long. Playing each of the characters once brings the minimum game play time to at least 60 hours for a single run. While trying all the core 18 routes+ will take you around 200 hours. So you can fully explore all what Sophistry has to offer in core content. Not taking into account randomized gameplay.
  • Dynamic endings. The endings are dynamically generated based on the paths and decisions you make. Which also makes each ending unique on its own.
  • Ultra HD character designs and animations. In order to meet the visual side of “Visual Novel”, the background designs are in full HD. While the characters are designed and animated in 4K resolution. Some of these assets have even been developed in 8K! The animation design uses Live2D. Now you can truly enjoy the Sophistry visual novel, regardless of your screen size. Goodbye to those small pixelated windows.

OST and Voice Acting:

  • 19 original songs with vocals as OST in addition to all the atmospheric scores. Each character and core path has its own score and song composed. Written and sung for them by professional artists.
  • Fully voice acted, even the main protagonists all the way to the smallest npc.

The live2D romance visual novel game will release in Linux gaming, Mac, and Windows PC. Which you try now by playing the native Demo on

Right now 2 Cubs Studio are looking for more attention for Sophistry. You can help them free, simply by heading to the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign link and clicking on “Notify me on launch”.

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