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Sophistry now has a offering a pre-launch event

sophistry now has an offering a pre-launch event before the kickstarter supporting linux gaming mac windows pc

Sophistry now has an offering a pre-launch event ahead of the Kickstarter campaign supporting Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. All due to the efforts of developer 2 Cubs Studio. This also includes Free Steam keys.

Take part in the Sophistry pre-launch event and you may win a Free key. This also includes a supporter name listing in the credits.

  • The pre-launch event runs from March 1st,2021 until March 31st 2021

Sophistry is a live2D romance visual novel coming to Kickstarter on April 1st, 2021. Yes, this is the official campaign date. While allowing early adopters to support the developer at this early stage. Which you can try now by playing the native Linux gaming Demo on Also note, the Steam Windows PC demo does work very well using Proton 5.13-6.

How to participate:

Simply put, all you have to do is show interest in your favorite Sophistry character via the comments on Facebook. Then you will automatically be considered a participant in the pre-launch event.

Sophistry Trailer live2D Romance Visual Novel

How do we unlock free keys?

This is a community event. So all actions will count toward the total count goal of the pre-launch event.

  • 1 key/100 persons who click on this link and sign up on the “Notify me on launch” button. The count display shows on the Sophistry Kickstarter and will be a reference.
  • Also, 1 Key when our Facebook Page reaches 6,000/8,000/10,0000 fans.
  • Plus, 1 Key when the Twitter Page reaches 100/500/1,000 followers.
  • Then 1 Key when the Discord Channel reaches 100/500/1,000 members.

Additional reward

All Sophistry participants of this pre-launch event will receive credit in the game as “Social Media Supporter”. This takes place regardless of the number of keys unlocked.

How are the winners decided?

All key winners will be randomly selected among the pre-launch event participants. This takes place after the pre-launch event ends on March 31st, 2021.

When will you receive a Sophistry key?

Sophistry is currently in development. So you will receive a key as soon as the game is available. This will be either at full release or Early Access via Steam.

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