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Sophistry visual novel offers up a native demo

sophistry a romantic drama visual novel with a linux demo mac and windows pc plus an upcoming kickstarter

Sophistry is a romantic drama visual novel that has a Linux demo as well as Mac and Windows PC plus an upcoming Kickstarter. Thanks to new indie developer 2 Cubs Studio from France. Which is shaping up to be an amazing project.

Sophistry takes inspiration from romance k-drama in anime style. The game is also still under development.
Therefore, if you have ever watched a Korean drama. Maybe even any romantic drama for that matter. Wishing that the lead character was another protagonist of the show? Or that the main lead also went for another girl (or guy) than the one they featured?

In Sophistry, you live this drama the way you want. So if you want to see it from the eyes of the lead character, you got it. What about from the eyes of the second lead or even the antagonist? What do I say; you can even play it from the point of view of the love interest. What about romances? Here again, it also depends on your choice, your story.
With 6 playable characters and each with 3 potential love interests. All based on 18 full romances stories and plot lines!

As a result of all these choices, there are approximately 1.2M words. Which is probably the most complex story ever written for a visual novel. Of course, you can also play the Demo on Linux, Mac and Windows PC via

Sophistry Trailer – Live2D Romance Visual Novel

Sophistry aims to be true to the core meaning of “Visual Novel”. While providing vibrant and animated visuals by being fully voice acted and Live2D powered. As well as a very deep and rich story line similar to classic Korean romantic drama series. Assuming a successful Kickstarter funding in March 2021.

The expected core features:

  • 6 Unique characters (3 males and 3 females), to choose from; each with their own story line and point of view. You can enjoy the game playing only one character, but you’ll only uncover all the mysteries of the stories. Simply by playing all six of them, as everything is happening from the perspective of the character you select.
  • The decisions you make matter and have consequences. The character you choose to play as well as the one you choose to romance will affect your story line and the behavior of the other characters.
  • Each play through is approximately 10 hours long, playing once each of the characters brings the minimum game play time to at least 60 hours for a single run, trying all the core 18 routes+ will take you around 200 hours to fully explore all what Sophistry has to offer in core content (not taking in account randomized game play)!
  • Dynamic endings. The endings are dynamically generated based on the paths and decisions you make along your game play. Making each ending unique on its own.
  • Ultra HD character designs and animations. In order to meet the visual side of “Visual Novel”, the background is available in full HD. While the characters design and animation use 4K resolution. With some assets even using 8K development. While the animation development uses Live2D. Now you can truly enjoy the visual novel, regardless of your screen size. So goodbye small pixilated window!
  • Multiple original songs with vocals as OST in addition to all the atmospheric scores. Each character and core path has its own score and song composed, written and sung for them by professional artists.
  • Fully voice acted, even the main protagonists all the way to the smallest npc.

What’s next?

Sophistry visual novel is due to arrive on Kickstarter in March 2021. But you can play the Demo on Linux, Mac and Windows PC via

The expected release date for Sophistry is scheduled for the end of 2021. The initial launch will include Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Eventually making it’s way onto Steam. Followed by a later release on Android and iOS.
For more information, feel free to visit the Facebook page.

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