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Sorcerous pen and paper RPG to get port in August

sorcerous pen and paper rpg games due to get port in august for linux with windows pc

Sorcerous pen and paper RPG games due to getting a port in August for Linux with Windows PC. According to details from developer Sirenum Studios. Who already had release available on Steam.

Sirenum is eager to launch their debut project, a classic party based arcane adventure. Sorcerous is available for Windows PC via Steam. Which is a pen and paper RPG inspired adventure. Also dispels the idea that mages can’t handle themselves in a fight. It looks like that challenge will be coming to Linux too, according to the Sirenum Studios email reply.

As for the possibility of a Linux port. After our initial Windows PC only release, Sorcerous will be ported to numerous other platforms. That process will begin mid August.

So a few missing details. Sorcerous is developed using RPG Maker MV. The developers are keeping a focus on presentation, storytelling. and quest design. Rather than focusing on writing code. Hence the release on Windows PC first. Doing so before expanding to Linux and likely Mac as well.

Sorcerous Trailer

Andraste rushes to her Aunt Minerva’s room after hearing a scream. However, she barges into a completely empty room. Later that night, a mysterious voice repeats the phrase in her mind “Only light can conquer darkness”. So now, Sorcerous invites players to join this powerful mage as she builds a team of spellbinding prodigies. All due to search through gothic and dieselpunk settings, Then fight to find her family. Maybe uncover a dark mystery that could shake their world to its core.

Sorcerous breathes new life into the well known fantasy creatures. Such as goblins, skeletons, and even rats! Uncover the mysteries lurking in the city of Lethe, while completing over 60 master crafted quests. They will absorb you into the world and its dwellers.

Will you uncover the mysteries of the world of Meridius? Or will the dark streets of Lethe swallow you whole?

Sorcerous comes alive with a voice acted cast of characters. While drawing the player in as they work to uncover the many mysteries of the world of Meridius. Available on Steam for Windows PC, priced at $9.99 USD. The games Linux port will begin development mid August.

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