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Soul Capture a free software to capture audio and video

Gameplay capture for Linux.

Soul Capture is a free software utility developed by Piga Software which was released on May 13, 2012. It can be used to capture both the video and audio playback of OpenGL applications such as games. It was created in Gambas and works as a front-end for the glc capture program; ffmpeg is also required for encoding. Soul Capture allows users the ability to capture and encode footage of their games and other applications from a comfortable and easy to understand interface.


Download an example video below or check out the same video on YouTube.


Note: Uploading gameplay online could be an issue, as webm is not a widely accepted format yet. Such content can easily be edited and converted through linux video editors such as Kdenlive. Just make sure to convert at a high bitrate.
Uploading to YouTube works perfectly fine but various refresh rates did produce errors.


sudo alien -k soulcapture-1.0.0-fedora.noarch.rpm

I’ve converted the above rpm to deb using alien in Ubuntu 11.04.

A great deal of thanks to Piga Software for Soul Capture.

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