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Soul Saga JRPG Kickstarter Ends with Funding Goal Tripled

Soul Saga JRPG Kickstarter Ends with Funding Goal Tripled

Indie role-playing game Soul Saga, the Japanese role-playing game “love letter” in development with Disastercake, ended its Kickstarter campaign yesterday with more than triple its initial funding goal of $60,000.

Closing out at $195,528 from 5,631 backers, Soul Saga will launch on Wii U, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and for Windows PC, Mac and Linux through Steam. Designer Mike Gale, a former employee of Microsoft Studios, cites classic JRPG series such as Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire and Suikoden as well as Chrono Trigger as his inspirations for the title.

Currently, Gale is planning to roll out a closed beta for PC, Mac and Linux versions of Soul Saga in the near future. Backers who pledged $30 or more will receive access to the beta, which will include early prototypes of the game’s core mechanics and include between five and 10 percent of Soul Saga’s gameplay and story.

The campaign’s $200,000 stretch goal included an additional story mode focusing on Garen, the villain fighting against protagonist Mithos. Due to an additional $2,000 in funding received through PayPal, Gale has decided to include Garen’s story, allowing players to switch between Garen and Mithos’ point of view throughout the game.

Gale is still accepting donations through PayPal for one more month. All funds collected through PayPal will be put towards previously announced stretch goals, which include additional puzzles scattered across the world and an initiative to double the amount of in-game content.

Soul Saga is currently up for voting on Steam Greenlight and is expected to launch in July 2014.

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