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Soul Tolerance is already funded nears Stretch Goal

soul tolerance investigative RPG game is already funded nears first stretch goal linux mac windows pc

Soul Tolerance investigative RPG game is already funded but nears the first Stretch Goal for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to all those who support developer Chaosmonger Studio. The crowdfunding campaign is doing very well but still needs support.

Indie game developer Chaosmonger Studio, creator of the just released metroidvania Clunky Hero, is doing well in funding. Soul Tolerance is already well past achieving the €10,000 ($11,352 USD) goal. Now closing in on the first stretch goal.

Chaosmonger Kickstarter campaign is now at 175% past the main goal. The developer also hopes to collect some more funds. Both to reach the Stretch Goals to make a bigger game. And also, the more funds they can collect, the more resources they have to make a better game.

Since players appreciate the studio’s previous work, like Cyber Octopuses, Robot Will Protect You, ENCODYA, and Clunky Hero. Players will certainly love Soul Tolerance, which is probably the studio’s most ambitious project.

If you have already backed the project, please remember that you can always upgrade your pledge. Doing so either by choosing a higher tier or by adding some of our cool “add-ons”. The first stretch goal is less than €2500 away. Due to let you craft more minions.

Soul Tolerance Kickstarter Trailer:

If you haven’t backed Soul Tolerance yet, this is the perfect moment to do so. Seeing the developer truly needs your help to move forward.

Soul Tolerance is a sci-fi mystery set in the city of Sapporo 2214. This is an investigative RPG with turn based combat, unique in its genre. As you explore a beautiful world in voxel art, populated entirely by robots.
There you speak with a plethora of characters, hunt for clues, and craft your own minions. Maybe also discover a secret that could upset the entire Earth. Think Disco Elysium meets Cloudpunk meets Divinity: Original Sin.

Soul Tolerance will release simultaneously on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. With an initial release date planned for Q4 2022.
The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign certainly needs your support to create a bigger game.

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