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Soul Tolerance unravel mysteries ruled by AI

soul tolerance unravel mysteries ruled by ai in the upcoming game that will release on linux steam deck mac windows pc

Soul Tolerance unravel mysteries ruled by AI in the upcoming game that will release on Linux, Steam Deck, Mac, and Windows PC in December. Thanks to the imaginative team at Chaosmonger Studio, we get to dive into another captivating adventure. Due to make its way onto Steam.

Soul Tolerance, an exciting new game from Chaosmonger Studio, the creators of ENCODYA and the recent hit Three Minutes To Eight. It’s all due to release on December 11, 2023 on Linux and Steam Deck. It’s uniquely crafted in voxel-art, the 3D version of pixels used in old-school titles. You step into a world built from tiny cubes, giving it a distinctive, blocky style.

The setting is fascinating. It’s the year 2214 in Hokkaido, Japan, but this future is nothing like today. Humans are long gone, and the Earth is now run by robots. These robots aren’t like the ones you see in movies; they’re more advanced and live in a world shaped by an all-powerful artificial intelligence. Also known as the Divine Mother. This super AI-deity makes the rules, and one of its main laws is about Soul Tolerance. This means that if any robot gets too smart or self-aware, it risks destruction. It’s a way to make sure robots don’t become too human-like and start posing a threat.

You play as Unit-12, a newly made robo-detective. Unlike many detective stories where the main character has years of experience, Unit-12 is fresh off the production line. Your task? To investigate a unique case in Hokkaido where a robot might have become too conscious. Also breaking the Soul Tolerance rule.

Soul Tolerance – Date Announcement Teaser

The way the developers, Chaosmonger Studio, are releasing Soul Tolerance is quite interesting. Instead of waiting years for the full story, they release five unique chapters. Each chapter is sold separately at a reasonable price. Since this approach allows players to start exploring the world, unravel mysteries, and its themes. Such as the role of AI and its impact on society, without a long wait.

In Soul Tolerance, you’ll also explore a vibrant, neon-lit city from the view of a robot. Similar to a detective novel but taking place in a high-tech, AI-driven world. You’ll talk to various robots, ranging from simple cleaning bots to high-ranking officials. Even some who follow a kind of robot religion. Your goal is to figure out which robot crossed the line into forbidden levels of awareness.

Soul Tolerance promises to be more than just a game where you unravel mysteries. It’s a story that makes you think about technology, consciousness, and where the future might take us. It will be available for Linux, Steam Deck, Mac, and Windows PC. So, if you’re into detective stories, robots, and futuristic settings, this might be right up your alley! Wishlist it on Steam.

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