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Soulcraft THD Action-RPG confirmed for Tegra 3 Android devices. Yes, now you can get excited.

Back during CES 2011 we were at the nVidia press event where a game development studio going by the name of Mobile Bits. The game they showed off was called Soulcraf which we were smart enough to film the entire tech demo of. Since then a lot of people have been asking us when the hell it will be landing on Android? The answer is soon.

Amidst the plethora of news and assets from today’s announcement was a quote from Mobile Bits. It seems that, even though the tech demo at CES 2011 was to show off Tegra 2, Soulcraft has been developed for the quad-core Tegra 3 chip instead. Here’s the quote from Mobile Bits’ CEO Karsten Wysk:

Tegra 3 is making much more complex gaming environments possible on mobile platforms. Gamers are going to be amazed by the level of graphical detail and realistic physics that come through in quad-core enhanced games like Soulcraft THD.” – Mobile Bits’ CEO, Karsten Wysk

Since the tech demo at CES 2011, this game has been in development and while you may not be able to truly see it in the video, it was more impressive than Epic Citadel’s tech demo or Infinity Blade. You can check out the full tech demo of Soulcraft, which will officially be called Soulcraft THD, in the video below.

Unfortunately we have no exact release date or time frame as of yet, nor pricing information, but at least we have a confirmation that it is indeed coming and wasn’t just a tech demo like many people thought it was. In case you are here and are an iOS user for some reason, iOS will be getting a version of Soulcraft as well, it’ll just be scaled down to suit your hardware. This is why you should also follow/subscribe to our YouTube channel, we snag little gems like this that no one else does.

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