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Souldead action oriented FPS to get native port

souldead action oriented fps to get native port for linux with windows pc

Souldead action oriented FPS to get a native port for Linux with Windows PC. All due to the madness and genius of developer Heathen Software. Working to make its way onto Steam late this year.

Souldead is a new game from Polish studio Heathen Software. Instead of combining various game genres, the game’s focus is on being an excellent fast-paced, action oriented FPS game. Primarily for speed, dynamism, and unique mechanics.

Apart from such classics as Doom or Quake. It’s also a spiritual successor to games such as Hexen 2, Heretic, Blood, Serious Sam, or Painkiller. Souldead presents fine visuals and puts a lot of pressure on the FPS experience.

On top of this, we can also expect to see a native Linux port. A

Yes, we plan Linux support, since the game runs on Unreal.

It looks like Souldead may be developed in Unreal Engine 5. Although formal details do not specify exactly. You can see the Steam Discussions post for yourself. Also, check out the trailer, this is some serious action.

Souldead – Official Trailer

So, for the Souldead player gets a large arsenal of weapons, very different from other FPS games. The in-game levels are also quite diverse. All thanks to dark magic, our hero can use such abilities as double jumps, dash, and shooting a magical, demonic shotgun that is sucking mana to create shells.

The game starts in a dark fantasy world devoured by demons. Our journey will cover different regions. For example, Fantasy World and Victorian England, to finally rest at peace.

Our main hero in Souldead is a nameless, undead necromancer who was burned, tortured and buried alive 200 years ago. As a result of cultists trying to resurrect their lord – Sil’thur. Our evil hero wakes up and starts to seek revenge. Our hero, of course, meets Sil’thur, who starts to eat parts of his soul. The player has to fight his way to the final battle of the first location. There he fights Sil’thur and beats him. That’s also where he opens a magical portal and runs away, with the player chasing him.

Why is the game different?

  • It’s redefining the FPS genre – currently, every game tries to focus on dialogues and cutscenes. So the players are left without a good-looking title. One they can play ad-hoc, save when they want, and come back later. Some players are purely into action, and these are the ones gameplay aims for.
  • We try to avoid reloading the system in the game so that the player can focus on the action.
  • Unique enemies – for example, one of the Souldead demons has a unique ability. When the player looks at him, he turns to stone and is invincible. To kill the demon, you can’t look at him. Instead, use explosions or try to hit him while he’s turning to stone (~0.5 second).
  • Every location will have its own set of standard weapons, unique weapons, and enemies.
  • The telekinesis system allows players to pick up and throw parts of the scene. This will enable the player to make different strategies. Since you can throw a barrel at a demon who is invulnerable to magic.
  • The Souldead player will be able to press buttons and pull levers – this will allow us to create some logical puzzles.
  • The game design lets players play horizontally and vertically. So you can grab onto walls, jump to distant places, teleport to a different area, and dash while in the air.

Souldead action oriented FPS only be available on Linux and Windows PC’s at the launch. Due to release in Q4 2022. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam. There is a Demo on its way.