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Soulpath breathtaking journey for native support

soulpath: the finaljourney games breathtaking journey for native support on linux with windows pc

Soulpath: The Final Journey games breathtaking journey for native support on Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to details from indie game developer and publisher The Game Forge. Which is now releasing onto Steam.

So today, July 9th, this is the official release date for Soulpath: The Final Journey. A unique collection of 9 mini-games taking you on a breathtaking journey through emotions. Produced exclusively for VR compatible devices. Such as Oculus Rift®, HTC® Vive, and Oculus Quest® 2 (with link cable). Soulpath: The Final Journey is suitable for players of all ages and experience levels. Anyone seeking a compelling adventure of life.

Reaching out The Game Forge, they have pre-emptive plans for support. Hoping to be able to bring the title to Linux and Mac. And since we don’t have a huge array of VR only games, this is worth supporting.

Soulpath was developed using Unity 3D. We want to port it to Linux, Mac, and Playstation. Maybe extend its content with additional levels.

Since this is not a full out confirmation, you can Wishlist the game on Steam. Even better show your Tux Love or +1 in the Steam discussions. All you need to do is vote. Since the developers are hoping for good reviews from the players. And also, check out the trailer below.

Soulpath: the Last Journey Trailer

Soulpath: The Final Journey follows your journey after death on your transition to a higher plane. Travel through a fascinating world of mini-games offering a variety of gaming genres. There are also challenging achievements to unlock as you progress. You will even be guided by a basic, yet touching, story. Emotions are the core of the game, and every human emotion represents different experience gameplay. Since you can play through Joy, Sadness, Wonder, Anger, Fear, and other compelling emotional games. While each introduces you to a complex universe of shapes, colors, and music. All ready for discovery and exploration. You can catch, throw, and use objects to solve certain puzzles. Likewise, you can break ancient seals to release the magic of the world and even practice Tai-Chi on top of a sacred mountain!

While Soulpath: The Final Journey is an amazing voyage. The games full of trying yet fun experiences. And as a result, features easy controls in amazing beautiful settings. Offering hidden easter eggs and 29 achievements to unlock. The game was recently a finalist at the Barcelona Games World Festival and at the PlayStation® Talent’s competition.


  • Multiple modes of difficulty
  • Use objects to solve puzzles
  • Challenge your reflexes and skills
  • 9 Unique levels related to emotions

Soulpath: The Final Journey breathtaking journey is available on Steam. Available for Windows PC, but you can also offer your support for Linux.

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