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Soulstone Survivors roguelite gets festive

soulstone survivors action roguelite game gets festive gifts on linux mac windows pc

Soulstone Survivors action roguelite game gets festive gifts on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Which is the result of the work from developer Game Smithing Limited. Available via Steam Early Access with 94% Very Positive reviews.

‘Tis the season for mowing down hordes of minions and monsters in this year’s most enthralling bullet heaven game. Soulstone Survivors entered Early Access with overwhelming praise. Now close out the year with hefty discounts (10% and 15% respectively) and big content updates. All due to coincide with the Steam Winter Sale on December 22nd. Void Hunters and Lovecraftian Heroes rejoice; the Horde Survival Holiday is upon us.

Kicking off the holiday season, the Void Hunters of Soulstone Survivors are ready to receive a host of festive gifts. Including new weapons, skills, and hidden secrets for players to unwrap. Eight of its classes are due to receive a brand new weapon so you can shake up their existing playstyle. Bringing the total number of equipable weapons to 28 across all playable characters. 16 skills are also gearing up to be added, alongside 3 unique seasonal skills. All festive gifts are available to unlock for a limited time. Due to offer a splash of deadly holiday cheer.

Soulstone Survivors – Early Access Trailer

Eagle eyed Void Hunters may notice runes matching the colors of each Soulstone. These also have an imprint on the ground of The Frozen Wastelands. Discovering what ancient sacrificial ritual you can perform can be a test. But who knows what sort of secrets you may reveal if activating all five runes in a single snowy run. There may also be a brand new Lord of the Void lurking behind a secret portal.

Soulstone Survivors is an action roguelite game where you slay hordes of foes. Then face titanic bosses while learning powerful skills to enhance your character. Play as a Void Hunter and with the spoils of every match craft weapons. All while you unlock new characters, upgrade your skill tree, and equip new runes. All in your quest for godlike powers.

Soulstone Survivors is available via Steam Early Access and worth playing. The base game is priced at $9.99 USD / £8.99 / 9,99€. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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