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Sova the Lapboard for Gaming from Roccat

The popular peripheral manufacturer, Roccat, is set to continue the development of the Sova, the company’s version of a modular board that can enable keyboard and mouse gaming within the living room. The announcement was made today with a bit of a teaser as well.

Roccat is based in Hamburg, Germany and they brought a prototype of Sova to this year’s E3 2014 mainly to get feedback about the device. Bringing the device to the event was a resounding success because according to the Sova website, the lapboard debuted to an overwhelmingly positive 96 percent reception. This gave Roccat all the affirmation they needed to continue with the device’s development.

René Korte, CEO and founder of Roccat, mentioned in a press release today that: “We are thrilled with the overwhelmingly positive response we have received for the Sova.” He went on to add that: “We’re ready to go full speed into our refinement process, and want our fans to see the hard work that goes into moving a Roccat product from its development phase, into what you see at retail.”

Roccat has a product development blog going on so that people can get an inside look at the Sova’s progress as well as to continue to solicit feedback. There are still no details with regard to the release date or the price of the Sova but this sneak peak video below is sure to tease potential buyers. The device will support Android, Linux, SteamOS, and the Windows PC at launch.

Prototypes for gaming peripherals are always tricky. It can be hit or miss and Roccat’s approach to involve the fans or potential customers is a great idea as it can build the excitement even at the development phase as well as give potential buyers something that they never could have possibly thought they needed before. It’s a niche market for sure, but how it is advertised and how it can help common gamers (not necessarily just hard core or pro gamers) would probably best define how successful this product would be during launch.

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