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Space Farmers 2 gadget-vania Demo releases

space farmers 2 gadget-vania demo releases on windows pc linux

Space Farmers 2 gadget-vania game Demo releases for Windows PC, but shows hope for Linux. Thanks to developer Bumpkin Brothers. Who are change to get a first look ahead of release on Steam and

You are cordially invited to join in the development journey of Space Farmers 2. The Bumpkin Brothers will be updating the demo on a regular basis. While showcasing the latest engine improvements and new features available.

We’re using Unity. So a Linux port is definitely possible. The take up for Linux was smaller than we’d hoped for the first game. But we absolutely haven’t ruled it out. We had a couple of hard core fans back in the day who were Linux users. So we’re definitely keeping it in mind.

The original Space Farmers also has Linux support. So it only makes sense to see support for the sequel.
The Steam Page and Demo have launched for Space Farmers 2. The demo features one work-in-progress level of the game. While showcasing the new engine and character designs. Which is certainly playable using Proton and Wine.
Battle and puzzle your way through multiple levels. Doing so across several areas of a pie making space station. All in order to save the sentient vegetables from their current fate. Work alone or with friends to defeat the Space Time Leek. While he puts his plans in motion to become the biggest pie maker in the galaxy.

Space Farmers 2 – Steam Page Launch Trailer

Try the demo, then let us know what you think so far. Bumpkin Brothers are open to suggestions and ideas.

Space Farmers 2 is all about:

  • Co-operation.
  • Destroying Robots and evil Vegetables.
  • Using cool gadgets to solve problems.
  • Maybe Farming.
  • …Sometimes Non-Co-operation!

Here’s what the Demo has now on Steam and

  • Up to 4 player local co-op (use Remote play to join in over the internet)
  • Carefully thought out platforming mechanics built from the ground up
  • A game lobby to allow others to join (or you can play single player)
  • The first level where on arrival to the Great Manufacturing Plant you’re immediately set upon by it’s evil inhabitants…

Space Farmers 2 gadget-vania is due to release in 2021. Confirmed for Windows PC, but it looks like Linux will be in mind as well.