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Space Grunts 2 card battling roguelike releases

space grunts 2 card battling roguelike game releases on linux mac windows pc

Space Grunts 2 card battling roguelike game releases on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the developer Orangepixel. The games now available on Steam and

Space Grunts 2 combines some of the fastest turn-based gameplay. Which also includes card battling mechanics in a 1950’s sci-fi roguelike setting.

Every consumable or weapon you collect in the turn-based top-down view is a card in your deck. When you encounter an alien, you’ll get to use your deck of cards. Doing so in a short and sweet card battle to an instant death.

The first Space Grunts was one of the fastest + turn-based games around. Gaining a lot of acclaim on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. For the Space Grunts 2 sequel releases while keeping the great turn-based action. While spicing it up with a card battle mechanic.

This is a proper turn based roguelike, minus the ASCII visuals. The turn-based part being instant. So if you want to play a quick game. This can be played as an almost real time action game.

Space Grunts 2 Trailer

Levels in Space Grunts 2 are procedural. Including the small things like “plant-spore effects”. These are also random on every new game session. Plus irregular events will spice up your game every now and then. So you can expect comets dropping on the surface. Or maybe the planet heating up to random fires bursting out. Plus an infestation on the planet and much more.

Alternate routes are also available to be found. Bbringing you to different areas to find extremely rare cards. Which you can use and aid in your games.


  • Endless variation – Every Space Grunts 2 game plays like a unique mission for your away team. So the layout is different every time. From the level layouts, to special events, and alternate paths. Likewise, you can expect every game will be unique.
  • Unique card/inventory system – Your inventory is your deck of cards. Likewise, every weapon, shield, or item you pick up is a card you use in battles. Which sits in your inventory (your deck).
  • Unlockable extras – Complete challenges to unlock special Trinkets to help you in your games. Complete multiply missions to permanently unlock Buff cards, and increase your experience level to unlock special passive cards.

Space Grunts 2 card battling roguelike game releases on Steam and And your purchase also includes a Steam key. With builds available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Priced at $9.99 USD.

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