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Space Haven a story simulation on Kickstarter

space haven a story simulation on kickstarter in linux mac windows games

Space Haven a story simulation doing well on Kickstarter in Linux, Mac, Windows games. Thanks to Bugbyte, who’s crowdfunding campaign is funded within 48hrs. That’s impressive for a small indie team, 258% funded.

Embark on a space voyage with your ragtag crew. Since these are civilians in search of a new home. You will build spaceships tile by tile. Also create optimal gas conditions. While managing the needs and moods of their crew. Working with other space faring groups. And explore the universe. All in this spaceship colony sim for Linux, Mac and Windows. The Stretch Goals of the Station Mode are unlocked. But the next goal, Robots and Androids looks good.

Since the Earth is dying. Damaged by decades of hardship in Space Haven. So now humanity gives up its burning homeworld. While you and your crew are among the select few. With access to a temporary haven. And a chance at survival.
So you have build your ship. Gathering your crew to carry you between the stars. Choose whether you will be heroes or villains. While you struggle to survive. Or watch your ship become a tomb. So more successful crews can loot.

Whatever happens, it is up to you to chart your course. Space Haven combines the emergent story telling. As well as features of RimWorld. Also the tile based gas simulation system seen in Oxygen Not Included.

Space Haven Kicstarter Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

The game also tasks the player to build spaceships. Doing so tile by tile. So can create optimal gas conditions. Manage the needs and moods of their crew. While exploring the universe in search of a new Earth.
Space Haven comes with some interesting features. As the possibility to vent spaceships from all gases. Also killing and butchering aliens for their meat. Finding a person asleep in a hypersleep chamber. While you board an empty ship. Having a space burial for a fallen crew member. And role playing as a well known pirate. Maybe a cold hearted slave trader. Even a very wealthy merchant or an alien hunter.

Since the gameplay of Space Haven has some heavy inspiration. Such as games like RimWorld and Spacebase DF-9. And of coures Oxygen Not Included.

Space Haven story simulation is doing well on Kickstarter. The crowdfunding campaign is already 258% funded. The games also coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. Kickstarter Alpha (April 2019). Steam Early Access (Q4 2019) then Full Launch (2020).

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