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Space Hulk: Ascension the Salamanders Expansion released for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


The latest most recent #update in content for Space Hulk: Ascension, the Salamanders Expansion has been #released.You can now pick it up on Linux, Mac and Windows on #Steam. Unlock the Salamander Chapter and bring 20 new story missions and 20 flash missions to your gameplay.

This includes the ability to have two Heavy Class Terminators in a squad, each with the option of having a Heavy Flamer to boot. The Salamanders have been given an extra Flamer pattern and can walk unharmed through flames and use “ferocious pyromantic psychic powers.”

Space Hulk: Ascension is an updated version of the original 2013 release of Space Hulk.

The Space Hulk Ascension – Salamanders expansion will run you $7.19 at present on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC, where it is currently 10% off for a limited time.


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