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Space Merchants: Arena multiplayer RPG releases on Steam

space merchants arena multiplayer mmo releases on linux mac pc

Space Merchants: Arena is a cross-platform online #multiplayer #RPG game where futuristic spaceships engage in intense dogfights and #tactical play across Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

  • 3 game modes: Free for all / Team battle (red vs blue) / Capture the Artefact.
  • 4 different maps: Faarlands, Tristar, Jupiter, Naussike system.
  • Platform and global leaderboards.
  • 22 Steam Achievements.
  • 6 Steam Trading Cards.

The year is 2510. Time of exploration and colonisation of new planets, bringing chance for new life for many people. Humanity entered the second half of the millennium with hope to end long-lasting conflict between federal Army of Seven Stars and pirates of Black Flags fraction. In the last decades both sides suffered terrible losses in mutual fights and now the Black Flags members are scattered in the outer parts of the galaxy.

After each battle the player gains experience (to increase his/her skills and stats) and currency to buy, upgrade ships and equipment. The Space Merchants: Arena player can play against opponents on the same platform (Platform arena) or against players on all platforms (Global arena). Best players are shown in leaderboards and their glory persists to the end of days.

Space Merchants: Arena Game Modes:

  1. Battle – Free for all, 2-8 players, kill and avoid to be killed.
  2. Team Battle – Blue vs Red team, 1 vs 1 to 4 vs 4.
    • Faarlands map – Teams gain points just for killing opponents.
    • Tristar map – There is a central “mining” place where your team can gain a point for each 15 seconds you survive there.
    • Jupiter map – Capture the Artefact mode, steal your opponents’ artefact and deliver it to your base.
  3. Training – Training arena, player vs AI player (bot). Experience and money gains are lower than in normal play against human opponents.

Space Merchants: Arena is available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC with a 40% discount until November 11th.


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