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Space Mercs space combat native release date

space mercs space combat linux windows pc games release date

Space Mercs the extreme action space combat release date in Linux and Windows PC games. Thanks to the creative efforts of Bearded Giant Games. Which is coming to Steam, and the Bearded Giant Game store.

Space Mercs is due to release on July 31st. Bearded Giant Games is a Linux 1st developer. Who also released the action trailer for the upcoming extreme action space combat game.
So in Space Mercs the player is thrown into cockpit. While fighting a shooter battle against hundreds of space ships. Doing so in a large scale galactic environment. Featuring hundreds of bullets on screen at any given time. The player must also navigate the conflict. Completing the objectives assigned over a course of 30 missions.

The game is also design can run even on low spec hardware. Including integrated GPU’s. While boasting a performance of at least 45 FPS. Low spec gaming has never looked better. Featuring a 3rd and 1st person viewpoint, in Space Mercs, the pilot will always feel like a galactic badass!

Space Mercs – Action Trailer (Linux, Windows PC)

Space Mercs releases four different game modes. Two available from the start. And two that can be unlocked by progressing through the story:

  • Quick Battle: You are given a random ship, a random amount of wingmen. Also a random objective and must face off a random amount of enemies. It’s literal chaos bound to keep you by the edge of your seat.
  • Campaign: 30 action missions in Space Mercs. Since you can unlock and explore via the Bulletin Board. You get one or more targets and an objective. Then a reward and are sent out into space. Completing the objective rewards you with credits which allows you to purchase more ships. Destroying anything else outside of the objective. This will reward your with Prestige. Which also allows you to upgrade your new ships. The backstory of the game, lore and conversation. You can also explore via the use of the Command Line Interface in the game. Read emails, access restricted folders. While you explore your Station’s computer via a bash like interface.
  • Duels (1 v 1 / 3 v 3) is a mode you can unlock via campaign progression. This allows you to gamble some of your heard earned prestige in battle. Win and multiply your Prestige in Space Mercs. Also loose and it’s back to grinding enemies on missions you can defeat.
  • Survival is your reward for finishing the campaign. Jump between procedurally generated sectors and defeat a ever growing list of enemies. Then go for the highest score possible.

Space Mercs release date is on July 31st 2019 for Linux and Windows. Launching on both Steam, and the Bearded Giant Game store.

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