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Sequel Star Traders 2 now on Kickstarter

Trese Brothers, the game development team that brought you the hit space-opera RPG and trading game in an #openworld, Star Traders RPG, on both #Android and iOS, is happy to #announce that they are planning on bringing the fans a sequel to the smash hit, with the given name Star Traders 2. Though they need help from everyone as they just launched their Kickstarter campaign for the game in order to help with developing the game. Trese Brothers has set a goal of $50,000 and a estimated goal of delivery the game in September 2015, which will be launched on #Linux, Mac, Windows PC, Android, and iOS (iPad/iPhone).

Haven’t gotten a chance to try any of the other games in the Star Traders universe yet? When you do get to play in this RPG and trading game that takes place in an open, non-linear universe, you will begin to feel that the inspiration that lead to the game was from games like Firefly, and Battlestar Galactica, but in Star Traders 2, players will get to feel that the inspiration is from the community themselves and the original Star Traders RPG. Players, will get to command a ship that is filled with all hand-picked crew mates, and they will get to make their ship the way they want it to be. Take on your own goals that you have set for yourself, and go towards the morality, and career that you want. Your crewmates are interactive, which will allow for you to see their unique personalities, strengths, and weaknesses.

Star Traders 2 RPG will expand upon the concepts of the original Star Traders, allowing you to tell your own story in a sprawling galaxy, full of human strife, political intrigue, and deadly aliens.”

Those who are interested in pre-ordering the game, when backing the campaign for Star Traders 2, you will be getting the game at a discount of up to 50%, and you will have an opportunity to join the alpha team in order to help Trese Brothers in the final stages of development, or even add your own story and creation into the world as a famous Captain, officer, or NPC.

Once successfully funded, the space-opera RPG Star Traders 2 will include the following:

  • Multiple turn-based 2D game perspectives, following your Captain or ship
  • Procedurally generated maps to make every game different in the huge sandbox RPG
  • Unique and individual characters for your crew, officers, and everyone you meet. The game’s unique Motivation Engine will create characters with interrelated traits, goals and prejudices and allows these characters, and your relationship with them, to grow and change over time and through game events
  • Modular ship design allowing you to upgrade your vessel to fit the needs of your profession, type of work and your crew
  • Realistic trade simulation, where you will build a trading strategy to capitalize on long distance trade routes, rare trade goods and supply and demand

“For four years, our fans have asked us to create Star Traders 2.  For Cory and I, this is a journey back to our beginning and we are so excited to return to our first game, and to design its next major iteration,” said Andrew Trese, the lead artist on the project and co-founder of Trese Brothers.  ”We’ve never stopped expanding and improving the original Star Traders RPG, with over 300 updates in the last four years, we’ve expanded the game immensely with new content, features, and scope.  We know this KickStarter will give us the opportunity to make a major leap forward.”

You can find out more information about the Star Traders at their KickStarter page. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates to the game.