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Space Otter Charlie a new zero-g puzzle platformer

space otter charlie is a new zero-g puzzle platformer coming to linux gaming with windows pc

Space Otter Charlie is a new zero-g puzzle platformer coming to Linux gaming and Mac with Windows PC. Thanks to developer Wayward Distractions who has partnered with The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild. Due to release their new title on Steam in Q1 2021.

The zero-g puzzle platformer Space Otter Charlie is the product of Wayward Distractions. The studio made up of former Popcap Studios team members. Ed Allard, formerly the worldwide studio head at PopCap. Who is also is the brain behind Space Otter Charlie. He’s working alongside Matt Holmberg, Isaac Aubrey, and Jeff Weinstein on Space Otter Charlie. Currently in development with a release scheduled for early 2021. Offering up single-player gameplay with shared split screen PvP. Which is due to release in Linux gaming and Mac with Windows PC.

Yes, the game will be playable on Linux. And the game was built in Unity.

The Space Otter Charlie development team is a group of familiar faces. Also joining former global studio head of PopCap Ed Allard, we have Jeff Weinstein (AstroPop, Bookworm Adventures, Zuma’s Revenge) on code. While Matt Holmberg (PvZ, Peggle 2, Feeding Frenzy, Magi Nation) take care of the pixels. Likewise, Isaac Aubrey (Space Tyrant, Forza, Bejeweled Blitz, Motor City Online) focuses on level design. Since this is a tiny team, they are working on something that’s otter this world.

Space Otter Charlie – Early Preview

From the trailer, you can certainly see the gameplay has an arcade feel. While presenting fluid physics based movement and the art style is somewhat similar to that of classic Jetsons cartoons. Offering up a varied selection of challenge levels. It will also be interesting to see how the 4-player arenas come together.

Here’s what Studio Head Ed Allard of Wayward Distractions has to say about creating Space Otter Charlie:

“While I was playing around with zero-g prototypes. The fluid motion reminded me of Feeding Frenzy, which was the first game I created like a hundred years ago. I’m not the first person to realize this connection. NASA trains astronauts for spacewalks under water. I started thinking that sea creatures could probably adapt more quickly to the strangeness of Zero-G than humans could. Blend that realization with a zero-g game prototype and a long time love of sea otters. And you’ve got Space Otter Charlie.”

Unique Features:

  • Zero-G Platforming – Turn your brain upside down as you jump, float, and rocket your way around. While you take your path through physics fueled levels.
  • Cool Gear and Upgrades – Craft new gear and unlock new space otter skills from parts you find along the way. You can also pull out your Reflector Ray. Since this lets you ricochet your shots around corners. Maybe even leave a path of destruction as you slide through enemies with the Electric Slide. From Jetpacks to missile launchers, Space Otter Charlie’s got all the coolest toys.
  • Wacky Space Suits – Sure, an otter’s gotta wear a suit to survive the deadly vacuum of space. But he can still look great (and CUTE) doing it! So there are plans for new suits hidden within the game. Each with a fun new look and its own unique and powerful weapon! Want to see an otter wearing a shark suit? Charlie’s got you covered.
  • Action-Packed Multiplayer – Looking for more action? Battle your friends in frantic 4-player arenas. Fight for food supremacy in So Urchin mode. You can also let the fur fly in a Furry Fury deathmatch.
  • Become an Otternaut – Just how many hairs are in a square inch of sea otter fur? Dazzle your friends with this knowledge and more. While you uncover all kinds of fun facts about sea otters hidden throughout the game.
  • Fun for Everyone – packed with action, puzzles, and a healthy dose of cute, Space Otter Charlie is designed for all ages to enjoy.

Space Otter Charlie new zero-g puzzle platformer is due to arrive on Steam in Q1 2021. Due to release in Linux gaming and Mac with Windows PC. Priced at $14.99 USD / £11.84 GBP / €13.44 EUR.

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