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Space Rabbits in Space native support launches

space rabbits in space linux support launches with mac windows pc games

Space Rabbits in Space 2D platformer launches support for Linux beside Windows and Mac. Thanks to developer Ventilator Shark. Who quietly released a native build on Steam. Apparently this took place 5 days ago.

Space Rabbits in Space finally has Linux support. Apparently this took place 5 days ago. While the game officially released back in February. The two person development team managed to issue a Linux build. And the reviews are limited, but all positive.
But expect the 2D platformer to live up to expectation. Since it gives off a kind of Super Meat Boy vibe. But this is also a skill based game.

Space Rabbits in Space gameplay trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

The game is a 2D parkour skill based platformer. Also and adventure about betrayal, speed and hard love. Plus a few fun facts along with that.
Players take full control of the rabbit. While playing through one-hand-only gameplay. Yes this is done on a mouse. Since you will have to find a way out of increasingly difficult hand crafted levels. All by jumping and swinging past various obstacles in Space Rabbits in Space.

In addition, players can race to complete every level as fast as possible, where timing and skills are key to reach the highest ranks. Thanks to the implemented replay system. It is also possible to review the top ten players of each level as well as the player’s own run. Gameplay offers a dynamic gaming experience packed in a very amusing presentation where the rabbits are obsessed with speed and sweets and can be dressed up with quirky outfits in exchange for in-game gold.

In the lovingly designed 2D platformer. Dying is not all that dramatic. Since it gives you a unique chance to learn more about the games culture.

Space Rabbits in Space 2D platformer launches Linux support. Which you can find on Steam. Priced at $9.99 USD. If you want to play on Mac and Windows PC, you can do that too. The games also discounted 30% until July 31st, celebrating Linux support.

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