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Space Rabbits in Space will release support

space rabbits in space platformer will seek support in linux mac windows games

Space Rabbits in Space platformer games out now on Windows, but is also looking at Linux support. All thanks to Croatian developer team Ventilator Shark. Also the Munich based games publisher GamesGroup. Who are both proud to announce the games release on Steam.

So now that the official release is live for the award-winning 2D platformer. We reached out to Ventilator Shark about Space Rabbits in Space. Since the intergalactic Pay2Play title is now available worldwide.

Space Rabbits in Space is a 2D parkour skill based platformer. Which also comes with a fair bit of adventure. Also betrayal, speed, hard love and fun facts. Players take full control of their rabbit through one hand only gameplay. Yes using the mouse. While trying to find their way out of increasingly difficult level. Which are all handcrafted. As you jump and swing past various obstacles.

Linux Support:

“Regarding the Linux port: We will be porting it to Linux for sure. We just don’t have ETA on that (2 man studio, exhausted to death, no Linux machine to test things atm).”

Okay, so that’s good news. I have to admit, Ventilator Shark is a creative developer. They also tell met, “the dog did his part by loudly chewing the carrots.” All available in-game of course. Developed in Unity 3D, naturally.
The games also coming to Linux, but when? Well, we don’t know yet. But feel free to Wishlist on Steam.

Back to Space Rabbits in Space details and your mission. Race to complete every level as fast as possible. Since timing and skills are key to reach the highest ranks. All thanks to the implemented replay system. It is also possible to review the top ten players of each level. As well as the player’s own run.

Space Rabbits in Space gameplay trailer (Windows, Mac, soon Linux)

Space Rabbits in Space offers a dynamic gaming experience. Full of a very amusing presentation. Where the rabbits are obsessed with speed and sweets. They can also be dressed up with quirky outfits. All in exchange for in-game gold.


  • DESIGNED FOR TOUCHSCREENS – precise and responsive controls done in a new and unique way. Intuitive and easy to learn. But also hard to master. You know the drill.
  • PARKOUR WITH STYLE – move in any direction, as fast as you want. Advanced techniques such as strafe. While jumping, wall sliding and using ninja ropes are included.
  • 4 LEVELS OF DIFFICULTY – compete against the environment, friends, country or the whole universe.
  • REPLAY SYSTEM – watch top 10 plays on each level for Space Rabbits in Space. If you think they’re faster because they’re cheating – well, see it for yourself. Git gud.
  • 40 HAND CRAFTED LEVELS – unique, diverse and distinct levels. We may know many different synonyms! You will cry. With joy. And happiness!
  • DRESS TO SEMI-IMPRESS – squatting Rabbits in tracksuits. As well as a Disco Unicorn, Ninj0r and Little Red Rabbit Hood. Just to name a few. Be yourself and be proud of it!

Since Space Rabbits in Space is a lovingly designed 2D platformer. Dying is not all that dramatic. Because it gives you a unique opportunity to learn more about the Space Rabbits culture.

So if you want to take a shot with Space Rabbits in Space. The game also has a 30% launch week discount on Steam, priced at $6.99 USD. Available on Windows and Mac. But support is coming for Linux soon.

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