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Space Revenge action exploration out today

space revenge action exploration game releases today on linux and windows pc

Space Revenge action exploration game releases today on Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of developer Eskema Games. The game is now available on Steam.

Space Revenge is an action exploration game. So get ready to assault the enemy’s base and get your desired revenge. With a top down view, twin stick controls, and a sci-fi mood. You will have to explore the enemy base full of dangers. The BSO will make you feel the tension of the game. Plus you can also expect full controller support too.

The story behind Space Revenge brings with it a new life now presented before us. This also includes a new planet and a new city. However, they attacked us … And they killed our parents. But luckily Xander picked us up. We have spent all these years training, learning, becoming the best with one goal in mind. Now it’s time for revenge and then take on the enemy face to face. This is the premise behind the assault.

Space Revenge – Launch Trailer

If you are not ready to jump into Space Revenge with a purchase yet. Make sure to check out the Prologue on Steam. This is a Windows PC build but offers solid support on Linux via Proton. Plus the Prologue gameplay also gives you a good feel for the game. Letting you test your skills in singleplayer gameplay. Which is certainly good for practice.


  • Story mode with 14 levels story-driven.
  • 2 characters to choose from.
  • Over 40 missions to complete in Space Revenge.
  • Intense combat action to keep you engaged.
  • 4 Weapons to unlock
  • Boss rush mode unlockable after completing the game
  • Use the environment to your own advantage
  • Ammo with different side effects
  • Gorgeous 3D graphics
  • Ambient soundtrack

Space Revenge action exploration releases now on Steam. Which is also priced at $10.99 USD /10.99€. Along with support for both Linux and Windows PC.

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