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Space Robinson RPG action gets native Demo

space robinson rpg action game gets linux mac demo

Space Robinson action RPG now has a Linux and Mac game Demo available. Thanks to the continuing effort Luxorix Games. Which you can check out right now on Steam. Since it looks like we will have a day one release.

Originally the Space Robinson Demo released on Windows PC. Which is playable via Proton. Since then, Luxorix Games have been hard at work. Due to the debut of a Linux and Mac build, as a form of native testing. With a release coming this October.

The demo Space Robinson is available on Mac and Linux. So you can try playing. It should work flawlessly.

Space Robinson works well for me. While giving a rather tasty intro to the game. Which seems like a casual soft start introduction. Complete with a Night and day sequence. Since there are special night monsters. Your vision also changes. As a result, the night shows your surroundings in a narrow circle.

Space Robinson Trailer

Summoned by an intergalactic corporation named VAST. Likewise, players will set out on an adventure to a distant planet. Hence the savvy space engineer called none other than ‘Space Robinson.’
So prepare to face countless enemies along the way. Survive in the wilderness and collect resources. Maybe build some protective turrets and craft huge amounts of ammunition.


    You can always choose a way to die. So whether its enemies, traps, or the night. Fight, level up, unlock new guns. Since victory is just around the corner!
    Need a gun that shoots lightning in Space Robinson? Or need a first aid kit? It’s up to you to decide what to use in battle. So collect resources and craft your dream loot!
    Do you like to meet the sunrise, wrapped up in a blanket by the fire? Forget it! Build protective turrets to survive the harsh alien nights!
  • BOTS
    Someone has set up serious fortifications in Space Robinson, but this isn’t an obstacle for your bots! Collect bot-assistants and destroy caches!
    Start over and over again to find a way out! Explore all the locations to escape from this damned planet!

Space Robinson action RPG is due to release this October. While the Demo available now on Linux and Mac. Which is also as Windows PC too.

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