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Space Tyrant games launch coming this month

space tyrant games launch coming this month for linux ubuntu mac windows

Space Tyrant will be getting a full launch this month on Linux, Mac and Windows. The games developer Blue Wizard Digital has announced the release date. Since it’s fast-paced strategy Early Access gem Space Tyrant is evolving nicely. Hence a fully launch will take place February 27th. Available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows.

From the guys who made Slayaway Camp, Peggle, and Plants vs ZombiesSpace Tyrant is a fast-paced roguelike-lite-ish 5X game. Which is also set in a grimly grimdark future of eternal war.
So you have to build a terrifying space fleet. Make enemies and disintegrate peaceful extraterrestrials. All in your relentlessly unpleasant march to total domination. As well-known internet Tuber guy TotalBiscuit said, “This is really awesome!” So yeah, he got that right.

Space Tyrant is a zero-attention span mega-empire builder. Where you can enjoy titanic space battles. Also huge galaxy-wide conquests. Yet not run over your employer-mandated allotment of lunch-eating minutes.

Space Tyrant – Official Launch Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

“We’re confident Space Tyrant is the only turn-based space strategy title on the market. Where you can get through a complete game in under 400 hours,” said Blue Wizard’s Isaac Aubrey. “It’s built by hardcore 4X fans. Who also know exactly what fat to trim away. And what it takes to keep it tasty. Also there are giant space hamsters.”

Steam games:

Space Tyrant is currently available on Steam Early Access for $19.99 USD. With a launch week discount planned for its 1.0 release on February 27th on Linux, Mac and Windows.

Follow development on Discord and Twitter.

About Blue Wizard Digital

So the Founder is Jason Kapalka. Who formerly started some outfit called PopCap. Which made puny weakling non-space-conquering games like Bejeweled. Before it was acquisition by the necrotic empire of Electronic Arts. Blue Wizard recently released the darkly comic sliding block puzzle/ 80’s slasher movie tribute Slayaway Camp to Steam, mobile, and console. The Space Tyrant team consists of a crew of gore-thirsting void pirates and psychic mutants barely contained inside a fetid barracks atop a Capitol Hill coffeeshop in Seattle. Sanctions are already in place.

  • like a 4X game (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate), but with even more X.

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