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spaceBOUND co-op puzzler platformer releases

spacebound difficult co-op platformer releases ubuntu linux mac windows games

Gravity Whale Games is pleased to announce that spaceBOUND has officially releases. Since the games now fully available for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows on Steam and GOG.

So bubble-wrap your controllers, soundproof the windows. Then grab a buddy, get some ear plugs and ready up. Since most players scream at each others incompetence. Because spaceBOUND has officially launched it’s mayhem.

spaceBOUND – the brutally challenging puzzle-platformer that you love-to-hate. Finally ready to test your skills and your friendships. Don’t have any friends? Not a problem! Multitask yourself into a puddle of self-pity. While you guide two innocent astronauts into an early grave.

spaceBOUND Launch Trailer:

Born from an indie game jam and raised by it’s loving Kickstarter supporters. Since this is Gravity Whale Games debut title. Players control two astronauts who must overcome deadly obstacles while solving timing and physics-based puzzles in a zero-gravity environment. The catch? They share an oxygen tether. If one astronaut dies or the tether breaks, they both die.

Combining brutal, unforgiving gameplay with retro 16-bit artwork and an atmospheric score, spaceBOUND brings players back to the era of classic puzzle and platform games and asks them to cooperate in ways few other games do. Will players be able to solve and survive? Are the asteroid and mining facility truly abandoned?

Important Note: Network co-op is still an ongoing process and something we continually strive to improve. For these reasons, network functionality is not considered an official “feature” or something we currently advertise spaceBOUND as having, nor will it be priced into the game. It’s simply there as an added bonus for those who requested the functionality.

spaceBOUND is available now from Steam and GOG.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux and Ubuntu

Players: 1 – 2 (Singleplayer and Couch Co-op)

Price: $9.99 USD – £7.99 GBP – €8.99 EUR

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