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spaceBOUND difficult co-op platformer releases

spacebound difficult co-op platformer releases linux mac windows games steam

Gravity Whale Games releases its debut title spaceBOUND via Steam’s Early Access. Since the games available for Linux, Mac and Windows. While already having been Greenlight. Along with a successful supplementary fundraising campaign on Kickstarter.

spaceBOUND is a solo or co-op puzzle-platformer. Since players control two astronauts who must overcome deadly obstacles. All while solving motion/physics-based puzzles in a zero-gravity environment. The catch? The astronauts have crash landed on an asteroid. Yet have to share their oxygen via a tether. So if one astronaut dies or the tether breaks, they both die.

Therefore gameplay combines a brutal level of difficulty. With retro 16-bit artwork and an intense and atmospheric soundtrack.
So spaceBOUND brings players back to classic puzzle / platform games. While asking them to cooperate in ways few other games do.

Since spaceBOUND releases as a unique game to be in Steam Early Access. The build is fully-playable, missing only online co-op (included with full release). While the game’s full version is expected to launch in late August. So yes, Gravity Whale Games decided on a short Early Access period. This way they reward supporters and get a more broadminded player feedback.

spaceBOUND Features:

  • A brutal puzzle-platformer designed to challenge players to the utmost limits of their abilities.
  • Solo or cooperative play (local co-op and online).
    Note: Online co-op may not be available during early access.
  • Hidden collectibles, unlockable character skins and a whole bunch of achievements.
  • Time Trial mode for the most experienced and masochistic players. Challenge your friends with a competitive online leaderboard.
  • Full controller support – Up to 2 controllers for local co-op play.
  • So there is a steep learning curve that introduces new elements. While you delve the mine’s depths, forcing players to think quickly. Or have their astronauts meet a grisly fate.
  • Five unique boss levels that put reflexes, skill, and cooperation to the ultimate test.
  • Beautiful 16-bit artwork and lighting effects. While designed with a retro feel to evoke past eras of classic gaming.
  • Progressive levels that require players to learn, adapt, and solve multiple motion and timing puzzles in rapid succession.
  • Terrifying obstacles: asteroids; lasers of all sizes and speeds; gears and saws that pulverize anything they touch; electric ropes; laser-guided turrets; smashers; gravity beams; moving platforms and pipes; and many more gruesome ways to die.
  • An intense and atmospheric ambient score inspired by action and science fiction thrillers. Soundtrack available to purchase at launch.

spaceBOUND is available now with a 24% discount until August 10th. Since it releases on Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam Early Access. Learn more about spaceBOUND and get a full list of features.

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