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Sparklite action adventure support comes tomorrow

sparklite action adventure support comes tomorrow on linux alongside mac windows pc

Sparklite action adventure Linux support releases tomorrow alongside Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to an email from publisher Merge Games. So as expected, developer Red Blue Games are busy. Good thing, the games discounted half price on Steam. But regular price on Humble Store and GOG.

As previously stated, Sparklite action adventure is due to release Linux support. But it all releases tomorrow, finally!! Now receiving a further confirmation from publisher Merge Games on behalf of developer Red Blue Games. Offering up singleplayer gameplay, with shared split screen co-op using Remote Play Together. Which also includes new game modes too.

We’re gearing up for the release of one of our most cherished game. Sparklite, for Linux systems (arriving on July 02nd).

Sparklite Release Trailer


  • Stunning visuals – Intricate pixel art aesthetic inspired by retro classics
  • Original soundtrack – GameCube inspired soundtrack by composer Dale North (Wizard of Legend)
  • Explore the world of Sparklite – Five beautiful, procedurally generated biomes
  • Invent your arsenal – Invent gadgets to solve puzzles and defeat enemies
  • Battle bosses – Take on the Baron Mining Corp and its formidable gremlin Titans
  • Meet the locals – Befriend the people of Geodia and help build The Refuge

The latest update, Update 1.6, includes everything listed below;

  • The New! Casual Game Mode – For an easier experience
  • A New! Champion Game Mode – For the hardcore gamer looking to challenge themselves
  • Extra rooms added to Golden Woods Region
  • Enhanced boss fights
  • New character in the Refuge
  • UX Improvements including Widget quick equip
  • Updated sinkholes
  • Plus updated Furnaces
  • Chopping grass now has a chance to drop Sparklite
  • Thanks to an active community we’ve also added lots of bug fixes and are still adding more!

Casual Game Mode:

The brand new Casual Game Mode is intended for people who mostly just want to see everything. Since it lets you access Sparklite has to offer. You know, without the pressure of failure. In this mode, hearts drop more often, players begin their adventure with more health. There are also more dig spots. This mode is ideally suited to players who want to focus on Sparklite’s story. While taking the time to enjoy the world of Geodia.

Champion Game Mode:

For players who like an additional challenge after beating the game. Ada’s adventure will be harder this time around. So expect the Enemies and Titans to be stronger and have new attacks. BUT, the rewards will be greater as they will drop more Sparklite. Players start the game with all schematics. While Vaults no longer appear in the world. Choose this mode for a whole new way to experience Sparklite!

Sparklite is available to purchase on Steam right now for $24.99 USD / €24.99 / £19.99 and is currently 50% off until July 9th. But also available at regular price on Humble Store and GOG.

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