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Speed Brawl 2D combat racer works via Proton

speed brawl 2d combat racer works via proton on linux

Speed Brawl is a combat racer available now on Windows, but will see Linux support. And since this is a Unity 3D title, we have the game running via Proton. Releasing on Steam and GOG.

Since independent developers Double Stallion and Kongregate, a leading publisher of console, mobile, PC, and web games. Just released Speed Brawl, the stylish, anime-inspired 2D combat-racer. Even Linux players can gear up and get ready to tear through an otherworldly gauntlet. Available now on Steam and GOG priced at $19.99 USD.

Linux Support:

“One thing that’s important to us is maintaining parity between all versions – from Switch thru to PC.

The game has been developed in Unity, with a lot of custom tools and a wholly custom physics and networking stack. So we know Linux shouldn’t be a problem for us.”

This the previous statement on behalf of Double Stallion. While this is good news for a Linux port, which is being worked on next.
Also, having tested the current Windows install. Speed Brawl works via Proton at a Gold level. Seeing there are some tweaks, such as lowering graphics setting to High from Epic. There is also a black screen starting the game. To get around this, hit the space or enter key. Voila, up and rolling. And gameplay is actually quite smooth and responsive too.

Speed Brawl combat racer Launch Trailer (Windows, Linux via Proton)

Speed Brawl takes place in Victorian-era London. Since the world is dramatically changed by a war with the insect-like lunar invaders called Selenites. After claiming victory, humanity created a vicious bloodsport, “Speed Brawl”. This also attracts would-be brawlers from across the world to compete for fame and fortune.

After forming a tag-team of two, combatants run the gauntlet against an onslaught of Selenites. As well as bad-tempered human enforcers. SO the faster the brawlers are, the better their rewards. And the bigger the roar of the massive crowds of fans and spectators.

While gameplay works nicely. Players will need to find what tag-team combination works best for them. Then face every challenge that the world of Speed Brawl has to offer. Also building out each brawler’s skills, equip the best accessories and double down on determination. Working towards the fastest and most furious fight of their lives.

Speed Brawl is available for $19.99 USD on both Steam and GOG. Natively available on Windows, but the games also coming to Linux as well. No specific timeline just yet. But wow is this game fun.

You can also find additional information about the game at And get the latest news on Facebook and Twitter.

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