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Speed Limit gets a deliciously playable Demo

speed limit game gets a deliciously playable demo on linux windows pc

Speed Limit old-school shooter has a game Demo on Steam for Windows PC, but playable on Linux. Thanks to developer Gamechuck. The games release is not due until Q2 2021. Plus we also have further details regarding Linux.

Gamechuck has a new demo of Speed Limit on Steam. Which is very playable on Linux using Proton. The easiest way to dive in and get a taste is to launch the game off the Steam webpage. For some reason, the Steam client is not friendly. But controller support does work deliciously well. So good luck.

Now gameplay itself is straight forward. Basically a daily train commute gone wrong. Speed Limit is a one take, non-stop arcade experience that never slows down. Also, a true old-school shooter boiled down to its core elements. Where the action is hard, fast, and addictive.

The development of Speed Limit was started before the push to open source. And we are still developing it in the non-open-source “Gamemaker: Studio 2”.

It has been tested (by us) to work on Steam by using Proton (the Steam version of Wine). But if it doesn’t, we can easily export the Linux build as well.

The game is also featured on our arcades which are going to be open-hardware and also going to run on Linux.

Since the Speed Limit full release is not due until 2021. This gives the developers time to focus on the build. And that being said, it seems that Linux is certainly a solid option.
What’s interesting, Gamechuck also goes on to explain their use of the GODOT engine. And also their commitment to supporting Krita, Git, Npp, Inkle and other FLOSS applications. Leading us to believe that a native port is indeed very possible. And more over, the playable Demo has a heap of crazy good fun.

Speed Limit demo out now

Speed Limit will have you running, driving and flying. Also, dying (many, many times!). Literally, from the moment you click play to the moment you die, you are in control. As soon as you think you’ve learned how the game works. Everything changes to a completely different genre. Since this is a true throwback to the golden era of arcades.


  • The flagship of the award-winning Gamechuck Arcades finally available on Steam
  • A thrilling genre-switching rollercoaster that will test the limits of your reflexes
  • Unlockable endless mode, infinite mode, ghost mode
  • No tweening, no skeletons: All graphics are hand-drawn frame-by-frame

Full game release will include:

  • “Arcadecraft”: a retrospective booklet on the history of arcades and the development process of Speed Limit and Gamechuck Arcades
  • Key art exhibited at the Art In Games Festival in Rijeka, the 2020 European Capital of Culture
  • Original soundtrack forged with analogue synths and love
  • Three part series of making-of video documentaries

Speed Limit Demo offers a taste of the first three levels in the game. Available on Windows PC as a free download. But very playable on Proton on Linux. And yes, it’s well worth playing.

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