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Speedy Recovery DLC to help Two Point Hospital

speedy recovery new game dlc to help two point hospital on linux mac windows pc

Speedy Recovery new game DLC to help Two Point Hospital on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. All due to the ongoing efforts of the creative minds behind Two Point Studios. Which is available to pre-order on Steam with a discount.

The wonderful people of Two Point County require urgent assistance. But since the traditional ways are no match for the perils of today. SEGA Europe Limited and Two Point Studios Limited can confirm the new expansion ‘Speedy Recovery’. Which is coming to the rescue for Two Point Hospital on March 15th, 2022.

In Two Point Hospital: Speedy Recovery players will experience a new and exciting game mode. As they take command of an extraordinary fleet of innovative and unorthodox ambulances. Al designed for every and any emergency. As incidents pop up via a new ‘Dispatch’ button. So that players must use their ever growing and improving ambulance squad to deliver patients to hospitals. Which of course is all over Two Point County, while also curing their ailments.

Two Point Hospital: Speedy Recovery | Announce Trailer

Race past new and familiar Two Point locations in Speedy Recovery. Right from the cold and wintery Pointy Mountains to the tropical islands of Pebberley Island. All in an effort to pick up sick patients. So go the extra mile and dispatch shiny new road ambulances like the Big Healer. Maybe also avoid bad traffic by calling in the Airloovator and flying your patients to safety. Make sure to step it up a gear when competing against rival hospitals. Since they have their own pimped up fleet of ambulances. In this business, it pays to get there first!

Two Point Hospital: Speedy Recovery will explore three new locations. Featuring three new, fully animated treatment rooms. Discover all 19 new illnesses (six visual), like Under the Weather, Hive Mind, and Snow Problem. Make use of new curing machines, like the Honey Trap, to get patients back on the road to recovery. The new expansion also comes with a range of flashy new items. Due to things like an Ambulance Racetrack, Rainbow Arches, a Duck Bin, and many more!

Two Point Hospital Speedy Recovery is available for pre-purchase now via Steam. There is also pre-purchase discount of 10% until March 15th, 2022 for $8.09 USD / £6.29 / 8,09€. With support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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