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Spellbound Survivors to unlock native magic

spellbound survivors single-player action roguelike game aims at linux with windows pc

Spellbound Survivors single-player action roguelike game aims at Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to the team at ToastedSquadStudios for their support and hard work in bringing this adventure to life. Due to make its way onto Steam next month.

Spellbound Survivors, by ToastedSquadStudios, is an epic single-player action roguelike adventure that’s due to release on December 29th, 2023. Where players enter a world where magic isn’t just a fairy tale, it’s real, and it’s everywhere. This isn’t just any regular gameplay; since you will step into a storybook where each chapter is a new map full of surprises. That also includes Linux.

And we’re definitely planning to add Linux support for the game.

The developers recently shared in an email that they are crafting Spellbound Survivors with Game Maker Studio 2, mainly focusing on compatibility with Ubuntu, which may also work with several other Linux distributions. While historically offering solid support with Proton.

In this single-player action roguelike, think of yourself as the hero of your own fantasy tale. You’re up against the Overlord Wizard and his scary soul reapers. These aren’t your everyday villains; they’re tough, and beating them is very rewarding.

Here’s the best part: as you move through different maps, you get stronger and learn new skills. Due to starting off as a regular person and becoming this powerful wizard who can control elements like fire and wind. That’s what happens in Spellbound Survivors. You keep getting better and more unique abilities that let you do amazing attacks.

Spellbound Survivors Trailer

Now, there’s also a ‘Legend Bar’, since its your progress meter. It fills up as you play and survive through this enchanting realm. Once it’s full, get ready for the big fight. That’s when you face the Overlord Wizard, and trust me, it’s epic. You’ll need all the skills and power you’ve gained to win.

But wait, there’s more. When Spellbound Survivors fully launches, it’s not just the same as the beta version. The developers have listened to players’ feedback and are adding new content to make it even better. We’re talking new characters you can be, unique skills, levels, and weapons. Similar to taking a great cake and adding the best icing and toppings.

And the best part? This isn’t a game where you just fight and move on. Every choice you make, every upgrade you pick, it changes how you play. Due to put you in control of your own adventure story.

So, mark your calendar for December 29th. Spellbound Survivors is more than just playing; it’s about stepping into a world of magic, growing stronger, and becoming a legend in your own right. Due to making its way onto Steam for Linux and Windows PC.