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Spheriums crowdfunding and the native port

spheriums games crowdfunding and the native linux support with windows pc

Spheriums games crowdfunding and the native Linux support with Windows PC. According to further details and work from developer Braintonik GameStudios. The Kickstarter funding is live as is Steam Early Access.

Braintonik GameStudios just launched their crowdfunding campaign for Spheriums. Due to seek $10,000 CAD by June 10 2022. Due to bringing this gorgeous single-player game to a greater audience. Currently, the campaign is 34% funded including Linux as a Stretch Goal.

However, we also have an email from developer Braintonik GameStudios with good news:

We also have a Linux build almost ready to test on Steam.

The Spheriums Linux build has minor issue. These are related to the game now being visible in Steam downloads. This means the Linux build should be available very soon. Also note, the developers are looking for testers. Details will be posted soon on the Steam page and/or in the Linux_gaming subreddit.

Spheriums 1.0 Early Preview

So lets explain Spheriums. The game os a first person adventure about an energy-based lifeform called Spheriums. As Spheria, you will uncover the elders’ old secrets. You will also overtake the many dangerous beings on dazzling alien worlds. All while you repel the Drainers’ your greatest enemies.

Spheriums has been in development for a year. Thanks to two developers who know the best ideas come from the community. Having had a few internal beta testers. The games also open to more users through Steam Early Access. This approach is due to working with the community to help improve all aspects of the title. Like improving the gameplay, the design, fix issues and explore new ideas.


  • A series of different worlds with an emotional palette of colors. Due to entice the player to explore and enjoy the stunning visuals of the game.
  • A fighting mechanism that focuses on choosing the right weapon based on the enemy’s weak spots. A style of gameplay to test you as you progress in the game.
  • A game that is fun to play and easy to catch on to. There are some puzzle elements to solve. The game reveals alien creatures and fauna that resemble nothing you have ever seen!

An ‘early access’ version of Spheriums is already available on Steam Early Access. Offering support for Windows PC, but soon, Linux too. The final release is due to arrive in late summer of 2022. Plus you can also support the Kickstarter funding that is currently under way.