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Spinch isometric platformer hits Summer 2018

spinch isometric platformer hits summer 2018 in linux mac windows games

Spinch isometric platformer coming to Steam in Summer 2018 for Mac and Windows, and likely Linux. Thanks to the games developers, Queen Bee Games.

Linux Support:

“We will definitely look at getting the game onto Linux. We didn’t want to commit to it from the get-go, but we’ve received some interest so will highly consider it.”

So we reached out to Queen Bee Games regarding Linux support. Where we also got the low-down about the game engine being used. The studio is switching, “using Gamemaker as it’s much more 2D friendly for our development team.” Why? Well the team were running into, “some graphical issues with Unity.”

Aartist Jesse Jacobs, and musician James Kirkpatrick (Thesis Sahib). Both who are excited to announce their partnership on the production of Spinch. Since this reflects the gameplay itself. Which is a fast running, sensory experience. Also combinings the tradition of artistic indie games with the spirit of indie comics.

Spinch Trailer isometric platformer (Mac and Windows, Linux too)

Transcend the material realm and enter into a world teeming with bubbling psychedelia. Assume your true form as Spinch. Hence this hyper-agile organism consumed by a quest to rescue a litter missing offspring. While you experience an endless population of misshapen and malformed enemies. Journey through a diverse range of interactive and rhythmic worlds. Then descend deep into this side-scrolling platform game.

Known for his work in indie comics, Jacobs’ hallucinatory books have six language translations. Also working with the Cartoon Network on the animated series Adventure Time and Summer Camp Island. His illustrations have appeared in The New York Times, The Pitchfork Review, McSweeney’s Quarterly, and Le Monde Diplomatique.

Founded in 2013, Queen bee Games is an independent game production studio with a focus on fresh visual styles and immersive gameplay. The company is headquartered in Prince Edward Island, Canada, and is committed to delivering a high-quality gaming experience through a broad range of platforms.

James Kirkpatrick is a musician known for combining his 2D aesthetics with custom-built circuit bent electronics. Kirkpatrick creates hand held sculptures that function as both musical instruments and experimental sound machines.

Steam users can now add Spinch to their wishlist for its summer 2018 release.

Steam games 2018 release:

Spinch at this time does not have a price or an official release date. Just Summer 2018 and we do know that Mac and Windows will have support. However, not that the team is switching game engines, Linux is quite likely. Since the development team is having a more “friendly” creation experience.

Get regular updates and information at the official website.

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