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Spindle action adventure out on Kickstarter

spindle action adventure out on kickstarter with a game demo for linux mac windows pc

Spindle action adventure out on Kickstarter along with a game demo for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Let’s GameDev. With 30 days to go on the crowdfunding campaign.

If you ever thought about being the Grim Reaper, this is it. With Spindle, players can finally slip into the role of Death himself. But even as Death you also need a loyal friend. This is why a Pig will always be at your side. Together players need to solve an important mystery: Why does nobody die anymore?
Spindle Kickstarter campaign is live, due to raising €55,000 ($65,326 USD) by August 30th. While offering up unique stretch goals, such more mini games, a bonus monster dungeons with a bonus weapon. Just to name a couple.

Spindle Kickstarter Trailer:

Spindle is an old school zelda-like action adventure. Where you will fight enemies, solve puzzles, and explore dungeons. All taking place in a beautiful handcrafted pixel world. Along with the games announcement, there is also a playable demo (Linux, Mac, and Windows PC) on Steam. All ready and made available for everyone.

So what happens if nobody dies anymore? With that question, let us introduce you to the world of Spindle. Where indeed, nobody dies anymore. And the answer to the question is rather simple: Chaos. Pure disorder. A mess that needs to be cleaned up. But to clean things up, Death first needs to figure out, what is going on and why. Grab your scythe, also ask your little pig friend to join the Spindle journey, and let’s go adventuring.


  • Be the one and only Death
  • Enoy a beautiful handcrafted pixel world
  • Explore grim dungeons
  • Solve mind bending puzzles
  • Pet the pig

The Spindle Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is live. Having just been released, the campaign is ready 22% funded. The three man team is due to make Spindle truly special.

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