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Spirited Thief strategy is now ready to strike

spirited thief turn based strategy game launches now on linux and windows pc

Spirited Thief turn based strategy game launches now on Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to Koi Snowman Games for their amazing work. Available on both Steam and GOG.

Attention aspiring adventurers! The world of gaming has seen a fresh and thrilling addition: Spirited Thief. Crafted carefully by the solo developer at Koi Snowman Games and coming to the masses by Ishtar Games. Who are also known for titles like “The Last Spell” and “Lakeburg Legacies”. This new turn based strategy adventure promises to be a Linux title you won’t forget.

Imagine being in the shoes of Elaj, a once magical thief who’s lost his touch, and teaming up with Trin, a crafty ghost. This unlikely duo pairs up, not just for the thrill of the chase in Spirited Thief. But to secure valuable treasures hidden in some of the most challenging places. From imposing castles to gloomy dungeons, every location is a puzzle waiting to untangle.

Spirited Thief – Launch Trailer

How It Works:

  • The Objective: As Elaj, your main goal is to gather as much loot as possible. But there’s a twist! You must be swift, ensuring the guards remain oblivious to your actions.
  • Obstacles: Don’t expect an easy journey. There are locked doors, powerful magical barriers, and cunning enemies in your way. But remember, every obstacle is a chance to prove your wit.
  • Strategy is Key: The world of Spirited Thief runs on turn-based mechanics. Every move you make counts, and wasting even a single turn could be the difference between walking away rich or being caught. So, think before you act.
  • Diverse Locations: Whether it’s an opulent castle or a mysterious occult lair, each setting offers unique challenges. And overseeing your escapades is the notorious thieves guild, which adds another layer of complexity to your mission.
  • Enhance Abilities: As you progress and amass wealth in Spirited Thief, you’ll have chances to refine your skills. Whether you want to be more stealthy or pack a bigger punch, there’s room for growth.
  • Planning: Before diving headfirst into a heist, get a lay of the land. Trin, being a ghost, can scout areas without being detected. She’ll identify potential treasures and possible threats. By working together, Elaj and Trin can maximize their haul before time slips away.
  • Mysteries Await: As you delve deeper into Spirited Thief, there’s more than just loot at stake. Rumors speak of a vast conspiracy that our heroes might stumble upon.

Price and Availability:

Spirited Thief isn’t just about theft; it’s a turn based strategy, with teamwork, and a rich story. Currently launching on Steam and GOG, it’s even offering a slight discount. Priced at $13.49 USD / £11.51 / 13,49€ with that 10% discount. Making it the perfect time to embark on this adventure. So, whether you’re an avid player or new to the scene, Spirited Thief is one worth checking out on Linux or Windows PC.

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