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Spiritfall action roguelite aims at the Deck

spiritfall action roguelite game aims at linux via steam deck and windows pc

Spiritfall action roguelite game aims at Linux via Steam Deck and Windows PC. Thanks to further details from the dedicated minds behind Gentle Giant. Due to make its way onto Steam Early Access soon.

Indie Studio Gentle Giant has announced that their upcoming 2D action roguelite + platform fighter, Spiritfall. Which is due to release on Steam Early Access, March 7th. However, reaching out to the developers they do have Linux in mind.

We don’t have anything set in stone for Linux yet. However Spiritfall is running on Steam Deck.

The game is developed in Unity 3D, so Proton support does work nicely with the Demo. Although it’s a bit unsurprising since many developers have an interest in the Steam Deck. So I sincerely hope Gentle Giant actually releases native support in Early Access. Since Spiritfall deserves Linux stability.

Spiritfall | Gameplay Trailer

Spiritfall is a 2D Action Roguelite inspired by Platform Fighters. With its stunning vibrant, hand-drawn art style and powerful music. Due to offering players regions to test you and unleash deadly combos. All while battling against a multitude of enemies using an ever changing array of powers.

A demo for Spiritfall is out now for Steam Next Fest from now until February 13th. Which does work nicely on Linux via Proton. Including cute scenes and game mechanics. Offering an intro and some solid gameplay to grab your attention. Just be sure to use a controller.


  • Work through dangerous regions and unleash deadly combos. Doing so as you battle against a range of enemies
  • The Divine Spirits offer powerful blessings that enhance your abilities in combat. Find what works best for you and test them with unique builds
  • Forge, wield and enchant a range of weapons in Spiritfall. Then can see upgrades by your in-run performance
  • Enjoy the detailed features of Rogue-like games. Such as randomized run generation and permadeath. But with ongoing progress through an evolving storyline.
  • Death is only a temporary setback, reawaken stronger than before at the Sanctum. Use resources you find to upgrade your skills and unlock unique charms before the next journey
  • Meet interesting characters on your journey! Some may return to the Sanctum and assist you. Others may not be as friendly…

Spiritfall action roguelite game is coming to Steam Early Access on March 7th. But only with Mac and Windows PC support. While offering Linux players Proton for the time being.

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