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Spiritfall action roguelite is now Verififed

spiritfall action roguelite game is now verified for the linux powered steam steam via windows pc

Spiritfall action roguelite game is now Verified for the Linux powered Steam Deck via Windows PC. This is the result of the contintued effort from developer Gentle Giant. Which is available on Steam with 88% Very Positive reviews.

Spiritfall, a new game developed by a small team, has had an incredible launch week. The team expresses their gratitude to all who purchased the game, making the launch a success. They have also received positive feedback and suggestions from players. Since this helps the team make the game even better. Since the game is due to remain in Early Access for the next 4-8 months.

One of the exciting pieces of news is that Spiritfall has been Verified on Steam Deck. So now players can enjoy the game on the go. The team is now focused on creating more content for the game. Due to fixing technical issues and improving controller options. Coming in hot with Platinum Proton support for the game on Linux.

Their highest priority is working on a Spiritfall April content update. Since this will include Synergy Blessings to improve the system of the game. This means that each Spirit will have a unique Synergy Blessing with every other Spirit. Along with set requirements for the Synergy Blessing appearing. This includes more major weapon upgrades in future updates. Due to enable players to create smarter and more favorable builds. Along with more strategic depth in the map as players plan their runs.

Spiritfall | Early Access Launch Trailer

The Spiritfall April update will also include new skills and relics for you to experiment with. While this update is focusing on Synergy Blessings and existing systems. But the team assures players that it is not the end of new blessings, skills, and relics being added. With plans to bring in these and more major weapon upgrades in future updates.

In addition to the April update, the team is also working on improving controller options. This is also a crucial fix for some Spiritfall players who are having technical issues. They aim to give players more options for dropping through platforms (Down + Jump vs. down). But also let you use tilt sticks (Tilt Stick Launcher vs. Tilt Stick Attack vs Dynamic Attack / Launcher). Letting everyone play the game according to their own likes.

Looking ahead, the team is already working on additional features for future roadmap updates. New enemies, regions, bosses, spirit skins, weapons, and weapon variants. These are already in the works. They have planned it this way so the team can move forward, working on the next content update with minimal build-up time.

Spiritfall action roguelite game has had an amazing launch week on Windows PC. The team is grateful for the positive feedback and support. Now focusing on creating more content and improving the game. Linux players can look forward to new updates and features with the game being Steam Deck Verified. Available on Steam priced at $17.99 USD / £14.99 / 17,49€.