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Spiritfall gets the Herald of Nightfall update

spiritfall action roguelite game releases herald of nightfall update on linux and steam deck via proton with windows pc

Spiritfall action roguelite game releases Herald of Nightfall update on Linux and Steam Deck via Proton with Windows PC. Thanks to Gentle Giant for their amazing dedication and hard work. Available now via Steam Early Access.

If you’re into fast-paced action, unexpected challenges, and unique characters, there’s some exciting news in the world of Spiritfall. There’s a brand-new update “Herald of Nightfall,” and trust me, it’s a game-changer.

Meet Zalvoon – he’s not your average raccoon. Imagine a raccoon, but with divine powers and an entire bag of tricks to make opponents second-guess their every move. That’s Zalvoon. He’s the latest spirit to be added to Spiritfall, and does he bring a fresh twist. When you partner up with this cunning creature, you can dodge attacks with ease. You also throw off enemies by creating a mirror image of yourself and rule the battlefield. And of course, as with every major upgrade, there’s a bunch of unique new features to check out.

Now, let’s take a moment to dive into what makes Spiritfall stand out. It’s a 2D Action Roguelike. So you can expect fast-paced action where every run is different, thanks to randomized challenges. Now, blend that with Platform Fighters. This means epic battles, incredible jumps, and a sense of flow that keeps you glued to the screen. The visuals? They’re hand-drawn, and every frame looks like a work of art. And the music? Let’s just say it sets the perfect mood.

Herald of Nightfall Update – Spiritfall

But what’s the whole deal about? Well, you play as the Omenforged, a warrior with a mysterious past. There’s this darkness, a blight, spreading far and wide, and the Divine Spirits believe you’re the one to stop it. Sounds heavy, but don’t worry, these spirits are on your side. Due to granting you amazing powers to help in your quest.

As you embark on your Spiritfall adventure, you’ll come across diverse terrains, each with its unique threats. So there’s never a dull moment. The challenges are tough, but here’s the twist: even if you face defeat, it’s not the end. You’ll find yourself at the Sanctum, a sort of hub. Here, you can use the resources you’ve gathered to enhance your abilities. Due to make you even stronger for the next round on on Linux and Steam Deck.

And the journey won’t be lonely. You’ll meet intriguing characters. Some might be allies, offering assistance in various ways. Others? Well, not everyone’s a friend in Spiritfall. But figuring out who’s who is part of the thrill.

In short, if you’re looking for a fresh action roguelite game with a dash of strategy, mystery, and pure fun, Spiritfall. Its latest update is worth checking out. Just remember – every decision counts, and with Zalvoon by your side, the sky’s the limit. Priced at $14.39 USD / £11.99 / 13,99€ with the 20% discount on Steam. Along with support for Spiritfall on Linux and Steam Deck (Verified) via Proton.

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