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Spiritfarer has a new gameplay Trailer

spiritfarer game has a new gameplay trailer for linux mac windows pc

Spiritfarer adventure simulation game has a new gameplay trailer for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Thunder Lotus. Due to release on Steam in 2020.

Thunder Lotus may seem like a familiar developer. Since you might know them from games like Sundered and Jotun. Getting their feet wet again at PAX East 2020 this week.
Also, revealing Spiritfarer‘s First Gameplay Teaser trailer. The new teaser certainly gives a closer look at the resource gathering. Not to mention the renewal that is an essential for the cozy management game. Due to release later this year.

The Spiritfarer trailer provides a deeper look. While diving into the relationship between Stella and the spirit passengers she will meet. It explores the topics of friendship. Since you will develop a relationship with your passengers. And eventually guiding them to the afterlife.

Spiritfarer new gameplay Trailer

In Spiritfarer you take on the role of a ferry master to the deceased. While you build a boat to explore the world. Players will farm, mine, fish, harvest, cook, and craft. Making your way across mystical seas to care after your spirit friends. And guide them across mystical seas to finally release them into the afterlife. Which also aims to deliver a visually striking gameplay. One that is both entertaining and emotionally moving.

Spiritfarer is scheduled for 2020, while the release date is TBD. Making it’s way to Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Including consoles as well.

Thunder Lotus previous productions, Jotun (2015, 1500 Steam reviews with Very Positive average). Also, Sundered (2017, 1700 Steam reviews with Very Positive average). Consequently, earned high praise from press and players alike. Both for their gorgeous visuals and challenging gameplay.

Eager to explore other game genres and to tackle more mature themes. This is a richer story core. Thunder Lotus also has AAA-veteran Creative Director Nicolas Guérin (EA, Ubisoft) to help. They are hoping to add their flare to the development of Spiritfarer.

Be sure to check out the Steam page for more details. Due to release in 2020 on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. So make sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

More information can be found on the Facebook, and Twitter.

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