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Spitter DLC releases fame on Tropico 6

spitter dlc releases fame on tropico 6 game for linux mac windows pc

Spitter DLC releases fame in the Tropico 6 game on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Limbic Entertainment and strategy publisher Kalypso Media. Available now on Humble Store, GOG and Steam.

Tropico 6‘s second DLC, Spitter releases. With support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. While continuing the series’ penchant for dark humor and city building. The Spitter DLC sees Tropico leader El Prez pursuing online infamy. Doing so in the ever changing world of social media.

Spitter DLC adds a new fame feature to Tropico 6. Using Spitter, the only social media app approved for use in Tropico. Players can make a name for themselves through messaging faction leaders. Courting influencers and connect with superstars. You can also build new appeal such as the Rehab Center and Beauty Farm. While making sure citizens and visitors have everything they need.

In Spitter DLC, it’s all about the fame and status. Since nobody knows this better than a self declared despot. The ummm statesman, such as El Presidente. Tropico 6’s second DLC skyrockets players into the world of stardom. So you can interact with superstars by using Spitter. The only short message social networking app. Officially approved by the Tropican Ministry for Modern Communications & Smoke Signals. Court the stars to gain their support. Then unlock their individual strengths. So you can receive even more respect and applause from subjects. But beware – fame and money can also attract some shady types.

Tropico 6 – Spitter DLC Trailer

At the heart of Spitter DLC is the new Spitter mechanic. Which allows players to interact with faction leaders via social media. This can also help increase their social standing. Use new buildings such as the Rehab Center or Beauty Farm. Then attract celebrities and make them permanent citizens of Tropico. Plus, enjoy even more content with three additional music tracks. Even more customization items in game and a new trait for El Prez.


  • Spitter social media feature: interact with superstars and faction leaders. Using the social app to increase your standing and unlock new traits for celebrities
  • New mission and sandbox map included in the Spitter DLC
  • 3 new buildings: lure celebrities to Tropico by building a Rehab Center or Beauty Farm. Or assist in their decision to become lasting residents using the Super Villa
  • New trait: Narcissist
  • 3 new audio tracks including: ‘Comercio Feliz’, ‘La Celebridad’ and ‘Fiesta en el Club’
  • 5 new game customization options for El Prez and his palace

Tropico 6’s second content release Spitter DLC launches. Priced at $8.49 USD including a 15% discount until April 30th. Available now on Humble Store, GOG and Steam. With support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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