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Splitgate new Beta Season 1 is now live

splitgate new beta season 1 is now live for the game on linux and windows pc

Splitgate new Beta Season 1 is now live for the shooter game on Linux and Windows PC. All due to the continuing efforts of developer 1047 Games. The free to play game is available via Steam with 92% Very Positive reviews.

1047 Games released Splitgate’s Beta Season 1. Doing so with its array of new features, modes, and enhancements. Including a custom map creator to the hugely popular free to play shooter. Beta Season 1 also offers a completely reimagined Foregone Destruction map. Bringing the arena up to an amazing AAA standard. Which the whole game is due to eventually evolve.

Splitgate Beta Season 1 Official Trailer

Splitgate Beta Season 1’s debuts a custom map creator. Since this allows players to create and play their own maps. Including the ability to co-create maps with eight friends at the same. And share maps with friends. The map creator gives players the option to create and place objects. Including weapons, spawns, building blocks, portal walls, and more. It also allows rotation and magnetic snapping between scenery to make placing objects easier. Featuring fully customizable controller and mouse and keyboard support. The Splitgate map creator can be also be accessed by all players. This map creator is part of the new season, so fans can jump in now and start creating and sharing maps.

Beta Season 1 sees a complete AAA reimagining of the Foregone Destruction map. Which displays an eye popping reliability and overall design similar to that of what fans can expect from future updates. Live now are Evolution and One Flag Capture the Flag game modes. Bringing the total number of game modes offered by Splitgate to 21. Get started on the new 900 Splitcoin ($9) Level 100 Battle Pass today. Featuring some free content and some paid content for fans to optimize their play styles.

Splitgate available to play on Linux and Windows PC free to play. Get into the action via Steam. Sadly none of the starter packs have a discount for the Lunar Sale.

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