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Splitgate online shooter to release a free beta

splitgate online shooter games due to release a free beta for linux and windows pc

Splitgate online shooter games due to release a free beta for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the ongoing. efforts of developer 1047 Games. Which is free to play with 95% Overwhelmingly Positive reviews on Steam.

Free online shooter Splitgate is due to release on July 27. Doing so after undergoing a massive renovation. But fans can also now jump into testing the game for free on Linux and Windows PC. The open beta will also include consoles.

Featuring crossover and cross-gen gameplay for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Fans can also get a first glimpse of what to expect after the game launches this month. Then start building their teams and killing opponents. Players can sign up here for more information. Likewise, they can go directly to the platform of their choice to start playing.

Splitgate Open Beta Trailer

Splitgate‘s totally free beta includes a preview of one of the new maps. These are the game that will be in its premiere on July 27. A combat pass for the beta for a limited time. There is also a new game mode called Showdown and more. Fans will enjoy the opportunity to focus on their skills before launch. While you prepare for the only game that offers fast-paced, competitive gameplay. Along with the unique twist of having player controlled portals.

With spraying challenges, leaderboards, and more than a dozen casual and competitive game modes. Splitgate arrives this month with more than 20 maps, each with a unique setting and play style. The maps are available in peculiar places such as a research facility inside an active volcano. There is also an underwater luxury hotel, the precise spot where a UFO has crashed, a futuristic tree house, and an abandoned mine. Each map has its own look and feel with its different playstyle. While rewarding players who adapt their tactics quickly in this dynamic of combat. Plus portals that only Splitgate can offer on Linux and Windows PC.

Learn more about the game on its official website. Or simply by following the Twitter account.

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