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Splody gets new Discord integration

splody gets new discord integration for linux mac windows

Splody is a fun game, similar to that of Bomberman for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games all about placing bombs, destroying your friends, collect powerups and make your way to victory. Which now has a new feature, Discord integration.

So besides the new official server, Splody now has integrated Discord “rich presence”. So when you are playing Splody you can invite anyone (in any channel or private message). That way they can join in your game with just a click. Your status on Discord will also include your detailed Splody status. Such as “Playing online multiplayer” – the same status that is shown on Steam. This also includes an image of which character you are playing. And how many spots are open in your game (if playing online).

Splody Discord Integration

  • Add Discord Rich Presence supporting sharing game details and inviting over Discord
  • Launched an Official Discord Server [] for Splody and Dashing Strike – gather here to say “hi” or coordinate some multiplayer games!
  • The Discord Server includes a bot that can notify whenever there are people in a public game looking for more players.

Major Features and Fixes (Linux, Mac, Windows)

  • Cross-platform multiplayer features to handle the upcoming PlayStation 4 release
  • Significant performance enhancements – greatly reduced the performance impact of large levels and Bot players. Not sure who wants to play on a level with thousands of tiles and 64 Bots, but now you can!
  • Loading/start-up time enhancements
  • All New Option: “TV Safe Area” for keeping the important part of the UI within the visible part of the screen
  • Brand New Option: “Subtle” power-up sounds (suggested by FireVisor)
  • Another New Option: Play on (or start) servers which do not allow UGC (user-made levels or user-entered server names)
  • New Feature: Allow other players to force a match to start if the room leader is being unreasonably slow
  • New Feature: Ability to report offensive user-made levels and player names
  • Level Editor: Add graphics scheme preview and Delete option
  • Adding in graphical hints about controller or keyboard hotkeys to almost every screen, so it is clear you can press a button/key to exit a menu, etc
  • Adding appropriate in-game icons when using PlayStation-family controllers on PC
  • Add filtering by platform (Steam / PlayStation 4) on the in-game leaderboards
  • A whole bunch of other small fixes and polish

Splody is available now on Steam, priced at $6.99 USD. Which if course is available on Linux, Mac and Windows. Which is also a fun game when you want something challenging but not too intense.

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