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Spooooooky Mode comes to Two Point Hospital

spooooooky mode comes to two point hospital for linux mac windows pc

Spooooooky Mode appears in Two Point Hospital for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of Two Point Studios. The game also have a huge discount on Steam right now.

Halloween is approaching fast which means it’s time for the fangtastic free update. Spooooooky Mode is live for Two Point Hospital on Steam. The event also runs from now until November 1st 2019. Decorate your hospitals with creepy adornments. While you listen to hair-raising new tunes on hospital radio.
Also be sure to look out for bats! Don’t mind the ghosts though, these are around all year. Even the illnesses are getting into the Halloween spirit. Since Lightheadedness becomes Frightheadedness. This is a boo-tiful update that sees pumpkins replacing lightbulbs. As the heads of the afflicted. Head over to Steam to see what other spooky surprises are waiting for you.

Spooooooky Mode for a limited time (Linux, Mac, Windows PC):

  • 9 new spooky tracks
  • Fright-headedness: a pumpkin-headed variant of Lightheadedness!
  • A gaggle (what’s the collective noun for bats?) of flying bats on some levels
  • Spooky and mysterious lighting changes across some levels
  • UI updates to main menu and in game HUD

The integration with The spirit of Halloween creeps into Spooooooky Mode. So this is available in all the four corners of the health facility. Transforming such pathologies as the Head of Ampoule. Which also then becomes … the Head of Pumpkin!

A frightening selection of replacement spooky decorations:

  • A pumpkin has infested the Carnivorous Plant. But also creating a true botanical nightmare
  • The Newsagents’ stand has been web-adorned
  • What’s that in the Brain Jar?
  • The Arcade Machine has been cobwebbed
  • Orange is most definitely in this season for our beloved Gnome
  • The Pink Bird has been defiled with another pesky pumpkin
  • Reception has been pimped in Spooooooky Mode. All in a haunted house style
  • The Display Skeleton’s got a bold new look
  • The Cat-in-the-Box head’s looking pretty tasty, too
  • Pretty much every picture of a dog now has a rather unusual element to it…
  • The Mountain Painting seems to have come to life somewhat
  • When it comes to the Nurse Station, don’t look in the bed pan
  • And the Ward Bed… whatever you think is under there… it’s probably worse.

Go on Steam to discover the other abominable surprises this update holds for you. But the only runs until November 1st.

Due to the fact that Two Point Hospital is part of Steam’s Halloween sale. The games also discounted 66% to seduce newcomers. Available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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