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Spoxel action RPG to release Beta soon (Linux)

spoxel action rpg to release beta linux mac windows games 2017

Explore, customize, and build across the world of Spoxel. The games coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. And there’s a Beta to arrive for 2017. Thanks to developer Epaga Games, this means Linux support on Steam.

Spoxel Beta to have Linux support:

“I actually have the linux and windows build on steam at the moment.”

While you fight the otherworlders. And as a player, you use runes to construct custom powerful or infuse weapons. Also used for armor with rare resources. Exploring an infinite world while you build a base. Then establish a foothold of power to defend from your enemies. Which seems to resemble closely to Terraria or Starbound but with crazy crafting.
Even more unique, the game uses the open source game engine jMonkeyEngine. Which obviously has a native Linux SDK to create 3D games.

Spoxel Alpha Trailer

In Spoxel you will fight those who dominate the land. Forcing the grounders below the surface. Use runes to with rare resources to create legendary items of power. While exploring an infinite world. Delving into other dimensions while you build a base. Which you will have to defend from your enemies. Combine different materials and items to create different weapons and armor. Completely with unique traits and abilities. Research and find new spell runes. Which you can use to create custom spells. Use mutator runes to further customize those spells. And do everything from add a chicken to your spells. Or cause them to bounce off walls. Explore the vast world of Spoxel. Then delve into a wide variety of biomes. All on the quest for power, loot, or maybe just the best chicken sandwich.

Spoxel developer Epaga Games seem to be avoiding Early Access. Which is reasonable, given how the mixed feelings about such games. So Epaga are preparing for the soon to be released Beta. Those interested in joining the Beta can do so by the developers Discord in #request-beta channel. And since we have a Linux build coming, even more reason to join.

Spoxel is coming to Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. No release date has been issued, yet. So there could be a 2017 launch.

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