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Square backs Ouya with Final Fantasy 3 HD

RPG re-make to release as part of launch line-up

for hackable system

Square Enix’s Android remake of Final Fantasy 3 is coming to crowdfunded console Ouya.

As translated by Squareportal, the game will release as part of the launch line-up for the hackable system in March 2013.

The title will also be released in HD to take advantage of Ouya’s High-definition resolution output.

Square Enix has also pledged its support the console with the development of further titles in the future.

Ouya recently revealed that it had secured its first exclusive game in the form of Human Element by Robotoki.

The title, lead by former Call of Duty creative director Robert Bowling, will be an episodic prequel to the post-zombie apocalypse game unveiled during this year’s E3.

The full release of Human Element is due in 2015.

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