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Square Enix 'Collective' partners with Indiegogo and old Eidos IP

Square Enix 'Collective' partners with Indiegogo and old Eidos IP

Square Enix is partnering with #Indiegogo for a #indie #development curation program it’s calling Square Enix Collective. The platform allows creators to post their ideas to Square Enix’s community, garnering votes over the course of 28 days. Project pitches are evaluated by Square Enix, and providing the community approves the idea, can then be taken to Indiegogo to potentially raise funds for development. Square Enix stays in touch through each game’s development process, assisting in distribution once the game is ready.

The publisher says that while submitting a pitch costs nothing for creators, they “will need to accept some terms and conditions” when placing their ideas in front of Square Enix’s community. Square Enix also added that creators “could have the chance to work with some of the older #Eidos IP from our back-catalogue,” indicating that its own properties are on the table for prospective designers to toy with.

Square Enix will have more information on the program’s requirements and submission guidelines at November’s #GDC Next even in Los Angeles.

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