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Standpoint first-person puzzle platformer debuts

London-based game development studio Unruly Attractions and publisher BulkyPix have just launched, Standpoint, on Steam recently. This a first-person puzzle platformer, allows players to manipulate the world around them in order to navigate a futuristic labyrinth. The title looks as though shifting perspectives will play a large role in many of the puzzles and obstacles that players will be required to navigate, guided by mysterious voices. Traversing the maze will unravel the secrets behind these voices and the world you have found yourself trapped in. There’s more than a nod or two to Valve’s own Portal games in here.

Helped or harried, you are not alone here – there is someone calling, caring and crying for you. The voices you hear will guide you through the unnavigable and teach you the importance of perspective. You must use every obstacle to your advantage to escape the tunnels and discover where it was that you started – if you have moved very much at all. Real or imagined, the maze is what you make of it and if it is all in your head, where is your head?


Key Features:

  • Discover the secret story of the world’s Narrator.
  • Manipulate the world’s orientation to fully explore your environment
  • Experience the soundtrack as it reacts to your movements
  • Take advantage of game elements to conquer the completion Leaderboards.

Standpoint  is available now on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. A special launch price of $9.36 until March 12, which is an excellent time to check out the title for yourself.

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